Are you struggling to tell your business story?

Do you have passion and enthusiasm for your business but don’t know how to write copy that makes you stand out from the crowd?

Stuck for words?

Get rid of your writer’s block and learn how to write for your business!

Join my course ‘Selling with Stories’ to learn how to write copy that converts to sales.

Reach your audience. Write with an authentic compelling voice, so people buy from you.

Grab attention. Get noticed by creating interesting content your ideal customers want to read.

Write with purpose. Know what your key business messages are – share your passion and knowledge with the world.

Save time and money. Learn how to create a content plan that works. No more faffing about online looking for ideas. You will have a content plan mapped out for the year.

Get clever with content. Learn how to repurpose and use your content in multiple ways.

My name is Claire and I have been a journalist and copywriter for twenty years.

I can help you make your words come alive in print, online, and on social media.

I have run my own business for ten years so totally get that you have to do EVERYTHING when you first start out.

My course will save you time and money by showing you how to write effective copy that sells.

I also write features for all 38 Families magazines across the UK, which reaches 4 million parents a year, so I know a thing or two about writing content that stands out!


This course will help you:

✏Get rid of your writer’s block

✏Conquer content in 90 days

✏Get clear on your messaging across all platforms

✏Create compelling copy that converts

✏Plan and write blogs and content easily

✏Have a content plan and stick to it

Weekly videos and a live Facebook teach in a dedicated Facebook group every week

Weekly live Q&A in the Facebook group to answer any questions you may have

Progress through your writings blocks and write copy that converts for your business

Daily contact in the Facebook group for honest feedback and accountability

Supportive community of writers and content creators.

Unit 1. How to write for your ideal customer

Unit 2. Define your key business messages

Unit 3. How to write your about page

Unit 4. Blog brilliantly

Unit 5. How to sort your sales page – to get more leads and sales

Unit 6.  Write e-newsletters that people actually open

Unit 7. How to write a freebie/lead magnet

Unit 8. How to get clever with content

Unit 9. Become a content planning superstar

Bonus 1: Bossing your business biography

Bonus 2: Writing fantastic features

Become a copywriting hero or content queen:

sign up today!

“This course is a must for anyone who needs a push in the right direction to get your content out in the world. Claire encourages and guides us in a way that authentically speaks to our target market. I can’t recommend this course enough.”

– Faye Brown, Faye Brown Designs 

“I joined the ‘Selling with Stories’ course in the hope that I would expand on my writing skills. I mainly write copy, blogs and social media updates for clients who run small businesses. Having some existing experience I wanted to iron out some of the creases in my writing, and get some inspiration about creating compelling content. Claire’s course has delivered just that. Communicating clearly, she has helped me in developing how I write and guided me to new ways of creating varied content”

“Her course is accessible, the resources supplied invaluable, and her teaching style is succinct yet thorough.”

Hannah Deane – Little Shout

“Claire is full of amazing ideas about content, her content planner is really useful for Social Media, she is very interactive with the group and gives you lots of time for questions. She is also very helpful with blog writing for business and newsletters on Mailchimp. All in all, Claire runs a great course which has definitely helped me in my business to raise my profile and my client’s profile on Social Media.”

Bettina Siddiqi – BusyB Solutions 

This course is for you if you are ready to take action and be visible in the world.

There are limited spaces on the course and we open it just a few times a year, join me if:

✅ You are ready to make writing fun again

✅ Feel stuck and unable to write but have a business you love and are passionate about.

✅ Want hands on-coaching from an expert

✅ A friendly community to give you advice and support

✅ Have lots of ideas but need a plan to implement them.

❎ You aren’t ready to do the work

❎ You aren’t passionate about your business

❎ You want to stay stuck and make no progress

Are you ready to take your content to the next level?


“I joined Claire’s course “Selling with Stories” as I really wanted to learn how to blog. Not only blog but attract readers with an enticing hook. Claire taught me who my reader was, how to write for her and most importantly how to help her. I’ve written 4 blogs now and have helped people through what I have written. Claire also taught me how to write newsletters, emails, and features. Claire brought the writer out of me and I couldn’t recommend her course more.”

– Wendy Wright, My Mood Stars

“I signed up to the course to give me some structure and accountability for updating and refining my online content and marketing messages. By working through areas systematically each week I’ve been able to tick off things that have been on my to do list for months! I feel more confident about challenging my own content before publishing or posting anything to make sure it fits with my key messages. Thank you!”

Shelley Kelly 

Don’t let fear get in the way, every business has a story to tell.

Let me help you tell it.

Love Claire x

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