Ten Easy Content Ideas

Do you need some inspiration? Here’s ten quick content ideas.

  • go here Answer a Question. What is the most commonly asked question when people contact you? What do they ask you about on social media? Answer the questions in a blog or social media post. If you’re not sure, ask people what they want to know on social media.
  • see Ask for feedback. If you are making a product or creating a new course. Create a poll on facebook and ask whether they like a), b) or c). Share the results of the poll at the end of the day.
  • http://fbmedical.fr/aftepaes/128 Talk about a case study. Do you have a success story from a recent client? Tell the world how you helped them. Testimonials rock and are easy to put out across all your social media channels.
  • go to link Talk about a service or product you love. Do you have a great accountant, designer or V.A? Have you bought a new business planner you love? Tell the world about it. Tag them in your post and generate some business love.
  • source link Write a review. What apps help you most in business? Is there a book you have read that has been useful or inspirational? People like to know what works and it is great to share your knowledge with others.
  • understanding price action forex trading Share milestones. Whether it’s your first month anniversary or you’ve been trading for a decade. People love to celebrate with you. Why not create a special offer to commemorate the special day too!
  • optioni binari Quick Tips. Do a short video or blog post about something practical and timely. If you are social media consultant show people how to use the stories feature on their facebook business page. If you are a baker, what is the best way to make mince pies or other seasonally apt goodies?
  • frauen single urlaub Keep it simple. Sometimes people think they have to give away a lot. One golden nugget can be enough. In a content saturated world, one great bit of advice can have a much bigger impact.
  • click here Pictures with quotes. We all love a good slogan or quote. People really do like and share them. You can create them easily in Canva, but make sure you watermark them with your web address or social media handles.
  • go site Cascade the content. Remember you can make a podcast into a blog post. If it is a listicle like this article, you have 10 ready-made social media posts. A facebook live can be edited and re-shared at a later date. Be clever with what you create.

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