Whilst design and aesthetics play a partial role in content success, content writing is vital for driving those search engine results, increasing traffic and establishing your authority within the industry.

There is no secret to top quality content writing, although many of us wish there was. However, you can improve the effectiveness of your writing through the following tips, throwing out old habits and creating new beneficial ones.

Tip #1: Start Smart

headlines and titles

What do people read first when they are faced with content? The title. So, it’s important to make it stand out. Decide on a title that summarises your content yet sparks interest and emotion in a potential user. What would persuade you to read on? Use that.


Tip #2: What’s the Key Message?

key message

Often, if writers are bogged down in content they have nothing to say about, meaning becomes forced and void of valuable insight. To avoid this downward spiral, do extensive research beforehand and find your unique angle. Then, use that to write with a single purpose in mind.


Tip #3: Sometimes Simple is Best

How many times have you read content weighed down by huge chunky paragraphs, over-complicated language and a repetitive argument? It’s likely you moved on quickly or your brain simply switched off.

As readers, we often skim articles to find the relevant information. Therefore, it’s important to use simple, direct language that is easily consumed.


Tip #4: Edit, Edit, Edit

edit content

There are never too many rounds of editing. It is the best way to make your writing as concise as possible. If you have the time, leave your writing for a few hours or days to create distance, and then return with fresh eyes. Does every word you use inject meaning to your piece? If not, shorten, delete or rewrite. You’ll thank yourself later.

Tip #5: Optimise Digital Content

optimise your content

High quality content is all well and good, but if it isn’t optimised it risks the potential of passing by your audience. When optimising your writing, use SEO best practice to tighten up on keywords, create short, easy-to-comprehend paragraphs and add relevant tags and links. This will increase your chances of appearing in search engine results, driving traffic and users to your website. 

No one can produce perfect written content first time round and we are all on a journey to improve our writing skills. Once we eliminate unrealistic expectations of perfection, we can drill down into making small but impactful changes to our writing, hooking the attention of a user and turning site visitors into satisfied customers.

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