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Interview with Stephanie Cronin from Summers Photography

Tell us about your background and business

My name is Stephanie from Summers Photography and I run the company with my husband and business partner Steve. I have been photographing since 2002 and started from photo-journalism, family studio photography, over 200 weddings and taught over 500 delegates on our photography courses. It has been a varied and exciting photographic career and I have witnessed a huge shift of people in business and how we “do” business, along with the rise and importance of content creation for small businesses.

What is your mission?

Our primary focus is working with small to medium sized companies in a variety of ways; photographing their brand whilst working, photographing their products, online launches and social events. The flip side of being behind the camera, is teaching those small companies the importance of being able to photograph their products and services themselves and giving them the tools that we have to hand in order to create professional looking images. We have one aim whilst working with small businesses. To get you seen. People in society are used to seeing images everywhere and we need to capture their attention within seconds to help stop them scrolling and get them reading our content. It makes you a recognisable company and brand if your messages are clear and consistent.

Who do you admire the most?

Admiration comes in many forms for where I am at the moment. For the business woman that are making leaps and bounds in their industry, to working mums who understand the juggle struggle to friends and colleagues who are seeing breakthroughs in their companies and realising passions. Celeb status business wise Kirsty Alsopp for her passion with creative businesses, Jasmine Star for her work in wedding photography that has now transitioned to business strategist in a very creative way and Bushra Azhar for creating an empire of entrepreneurs in an easy to understand manner.

What makes you happy?

Happiness; family life and friends. Having time to see family and friends whilst connecting over a G&T is always a battery topper upper. I think we take for granted these relationships and we really need to make time for them. Days out are also a firm favourite at the moment whilst we adjust to life with a new baby, but you just can’t beat Starbucks with your husband and baby – it’s the small things in life that take up the greatest room!

What difference has creating and sharing content made to your business?

We all live fast paced roles these days and spare time feels like a novelty. Making time for creating content is the biggest task for me at the moment and so crucial for remaining current and up to date – therefore making my business seen. I spend a couple of hours scheduling and creating content for my social media channels, split blogs into social media posts and where I can do videos for my audience. I can see huge differences in my reach and conversations taking place when I do have posts scheduled as opposed to weeks when there is nothing going out. That’s the key difference between being booked and not.

What one thing have you done in your business that has made the difference?

Over the past year we have trialled posting different types of images and by far the ones with faces in them are double the amount of interaction than those just of products and objects. If the photograph is of myself, Steve or our baby and dog; then you are looking at double again the engagement – an increase of 3-400%. Isn’t that incredible? As we are a social and personable brand, that is what our clients want to see.

What advice would you give to fellow business owners and entrepreneurs?

Get visual. Your clients want to see the whole element of your business. They love to know who the person is behind the flowers, VA business or jewellery maker. Humans yearn for that connection and we bond with those connections on social media. The best way to do so is through consistent photographs and videos. So that might be with your smartphone, through a photographer, or both; whichever you decide, get in touch and we can help support you throughout To find out more go to www.summers-photogra

To find out more go to www.summers-photography.co.uk

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