Many entrepreneurs, coaches and creatives can feel an underlying pressure to constantly churn out new ideas and content. Sometimes, this comes easily – the mind is bursting with imaginative ways to move forward and it feels great – but other times, a creativity block arises.

This can be a very frustrating moment, causing the recipient to feel stuck in a rut. But, thankfully, there are many ways to get those creative juices flowing again.

Try the following tips to defeat writers block, creativity ruts, or anything that is preventing you from generating new ideas.

#1: Leave Expectations at The Door

getting your creative juices flowing

Often, when we set high expectations for ourselves, we lose sight of our creativity, replacing it with stress and pressure to succeed. It is only when we are in a relaxed state of mind that we have the freedom to brainstorm and generate ideas. So, leave those expectations out of the picture, if you can. Take some time to breathe and enter with a fresh mindset to get your creative juices flowing.

#2: Go For a Walk

Getting creative juices flowing by walking

We all know that exercise increases endorphins, and this is what makes us feel so good after we’ve been for a walk, jog or hit the gym. However, you don’t need to do intense workouts to feel the creative benefits. Simply going for a walk, preferably in nature, not only boosts your wellbeing, but it resets your mind, helping you generate more creative ideas than before. Read more about walking to get your creative juices flowing on my recent post here.

#3 Talk It Out

Get creative juices flowing by talking

Whether you’re a lone writer or working in a team of designers, there will always be moments of independent work, but creativity can only breed so many ideas in a singular mind, and sometimes we end up limiting ourselves unintentionally by only seeing something from one perspective. Speaking to others and brainstorming together – or simply verbalising your own ideas – helps you see your ideas from another angle. This is one of the reasons why talking therapies are so helpful when you feel “stuck” – whether in work or personal life. So, make sure you interact when you need a motivation boost! I’m hosting walk and talk sessions on the new audio app Clubhouse – come and join me – you can find me @clairewinteruk.

#4 Find a Consistent Rhythm

Creative juices and consistency

It might seem like its logical sense to work when you have bursts of energy, letting your creativity flow only when you feel in the mood. However, like anything, the more you practice, the easier it becomes. Some days you won’t feel as focused, but that’s okay. Try and give creativity your time of day, no matter what. It will keep the flow moving towards your creative goal.

#5 Take a Break

Get creative juices by taking a break

Perhaps you’ve been staring at a screen for too long, or you’ve been pondering on an idea that you just can’t quite get right. Spending too much time on something, without a break, is bound to cause a lack of creativity. Sometimes we just need a moment to play our favourite song, chat to a friend, or take a lie down. Re-entering your task with a fresh mind always leads to better results.


Next time you feel your creativity seeping down the drain, tune into your environment and try one of these five tips. When you return to your task, notice how you feel. It’s likely you are able to move forward in a way you wouldn’t have expected before!

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