Are you sitting on a great idea that is ready to be born into the world? Here’s how creativity can unlock your big idea.

To conceptualise an idea we need to let the words and ideas flow so we can bring the idea to life. But to do this we need to access our creativity.

Which is why it’s so important to be creative, if we don’t make time for creative pursuits we get lost in being ‘busy’.
If you can’t find the words, you can feel frustrated and annoyed, take a step away and go for a walk move your body and let the cadence of your walking bring your creative flow back to your mind and body.

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In today’s fast paced, digital world where the latest news can be accessed and digested in seconds, meeting deadlines and hitting targets can often feel like the most important path for us to follow.

While it may feel like a luxury, making room to flex your creative muscle will actually help you hit your goals and keep you focused. Making time for creativity can:



Gain Confidence

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Being creative brings with it an element of risk: think of any art form, be it comedy, music, sculpture.

At some point during your creative journey you will have to be willing to share your art; with that comes the risk that others will not share your vision, and this brings a measure of failure.

Being brave enough to share something you’ve created while realising that failing is part of this process is a great confidence booster and will help you challenge your fears and feel less afraid of trying new things. Creativity can unlock your big idea.



Boost Your Problem Solving Skills

Claire Winter working on her laptop

Letting your creative streak loose once in a while will help your problem-solving skills in all aspects of life.

Being creative helps us learn to let go of uncertainties, and will therefore help you approach a problem from different angles to find the best solution.



Live Longer and Happier (Probably)

Happy woman jumping

A 2012 article by Scientific American gathered data on various studies which revealed not only that “creative thinking reduces stress and keeps the brain heathy” but also that creativity decreased mortality, pointing to the regular use of a variety of neural networks likely being the key to keeping the grim reapers hand at bay.

Making time to exercise your creativity on a regular basis will have untold benefits in all aspects of your work and home life.


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