In the online world, there is so much, too much, noise. It can be hard to understand everything that is happening, let alone figure out where you stand amongst all of it.

It seems that with consistent content planning and social media algorithms, the aim is to get your content the most attention it can possibly get. Hashtags, constant promotion, Facebook ads, Instagram ads, everywhere ads. In lockdown it is even more confusing.


Some content won’t work at all


You need to stop and look at your content and what you have scheduled, some of it won’t work at all. In fact, most of us, have thrown their content plan out the window!

Many of us have had to change our business plans or do a complete pivot. It’s even more important to be creating the right kind of content. Just being noisy isn’t enough! Your content needs to have a heartbeat, it needs to resonate with people.

content attention

Content that actually drives your sales down


Remaining visible is important; if you’re hiding and waiting for the leads to come to you, no one will know your business exists – getting the word out is vital. However, too much exposure irritates people. Remember those classmates from school who wanted to be centre of attention all the time? Chances are, it annoyed you.

Constantly sharing posts on social media, giving no space for your followers to breathe or have a conversation with you, is the same. Their desire to follow or communicate with you will decrease, and this could actually drive your sales down.

too much content

The formula for successful content


So, if attention doesn’t necessarily mean more sales, then how do you become successful? As cliché as it sounds, quality is more important than quantity. It is all about getting the right attention from the right people. Knowing who want to work with and targeting them.

If you still aren’t crystal clear on your ideal customer – it’s time to read my earlier blog post about exactly this:

content for your customer

Content that connects emotions


Write copy in language that will resonate with your ideal customer. People buy with their emotions – what will appeal to them? What will disrupt the scroll? This means communicating with people and sharing insights that will in turn encourage them to invest in your business.

You don’t become clingy and burden them with information all of them time; instead engage and connect with them.

If you aren’t sure what your ideal customer is looking for, try which gives you a visual representation of what people are searching for on Google!


Being authentic


Create targeted content– find the right people within that world and reach out to them authentically. Know your message inside out, who do you stand for? What do you believe in?

People admire and are drawn to real connection – and remember to be human.

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Claire x


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