Most people struggle to know how to create content that connects and converts. Creating valuable, impactful content is hard enough in itself, let alone content that inspires and connects with its desired audience, sparking a conversation, traffic and perhaps even a conversion.

The truth is, 87% of content writers are still struggling to create content that engages their customers. So, what can they (and you) do?

Here are 5 tips for creating inspiring content that maximises engagement and increases conversion:


Connect & Convert Tip: Understand Your Audience

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If you don’t understand who you are marketing to, how can you expect to grab their attention? Embrace a distinct brand voice and personality and let it shine through your content using intentional word choices and adopting your audience’s beliefs and worldview. Notice what content they are connecting most with and think about why. Use this analysis to produce more effective results.


Connect & Convert Tip: Remember to be Human

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Think about a brand whose content you really admire. How do they speak and how does their content make you feel? Chances are that your favourite content creators are those that are authentic, real and use genuine emotion to inspire. It’s no surprise that we connect to those that are the most relatable to us! So, don’t let a screen get in the way of you and your audience. Evoke emotion to create impactful and long-lasting content.


Connect & Convert Tip: Encourage Conversation

Increasing likes and comments is all well and good, but if no one is actively participating in a meaningful conversation, how much impact is your brand really making? Let people know that you value their opinion and their voice. Ask questions, host a poll, or even organise a competition. Building trust is valuable for creating a community of people who genuinely love your brand.


Connect & Convert Tip: Don’t Just Tell, Show

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Try to avoid sounding preachy. There are only so many times you can talk about a product or service before your customer might just have had enough. Instead, switch up your content and give real-life examples. This can involve anything from building a story around your brand and why it came to exist, to simply sharing customer testimonials as proof of genuine success.


Connect & Convert Tip: Don’t Forget the Visuals


As much as written content is important, the visuals are often what the consumer sees first. Aesthetic often plays a significant role in the consumer’s decision to stick around for more content or simply move on. So, make sure to include photos in your content at the very least, and perhaps even a video or infographic later down the line. Notice how much more impactful it is.

In conclusion, creating inspiring content that connects and converts is all about drilling into authenticity, examples, visuals and your audience’s preferences. What you say is important, but how you say it is what really makes the difference.

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