Need help writing a concise yet compelling media pitch?

Here are all the tips you need to know to get started…

Make It Punchy

make it punchy

Journalists get hundreds of pitches a day. Don’t let yourself get lost in the chaos. Make sure your subject line is fewer than 8 words and includes your news hook. Then, start your email telling them exactly what you have that they need. No pleasantries needed – simply state your point and give them a reason to see your attached document. The less you waffle, the more likely they are to read what really matters.


Show Them You Care

look closely

Although you want to start with your news angle in the first sentence, your second sentence should show them you have looked further than their contact page. What have they written recently that makes you think they will be interested in your story? Tell them you admire their work, but always make it relevant!


Take Necessary Precautions

media pitch email

What if you attach your press release and the journalist can’t access it? They will likely ignore your email and move on. So, always copy and paste your press release at the bottom of the email. Just in case. And make sure to attach your images, not embed. Not only does it look more professional, but it won’t jam up your email and the journalist’s inbox.


Be Human Too

thank you

Make sure to thank the journalist at the end of your email, and remind them that they can contact you for any more information. After all, you’re there to help them too. There’s also no harm in triple checking that email before sending – make sure you’ve balanced out pushing your content whilst also being approachable and polite.


Don’t Forget to Follow Up


t’s no surprise that journalists are incredibly busy. If you don’t hear back in a few hours, don’t fret. However, if you haven’t heard back within three days, follow it up politely reminding them of what you previously sent. A short one-sentence summary will suffice. However, Guardian journalist Emma Sheppard recommends the three-email rule – after that, move on.


Build a Positive Relationship

claire winter

If you get a positive response to your media pitch, congrats! You’re doing great. Remember that keeping on good terms with a journalist is key. Bend over backwards to provide relevant information because you never know when there will be more opportunities later down the line.

Have you written a media pitch following these 6 key steps? Then, you’re well on your way to securing a place in the news! Just don’t forget to review your news angle – are you portraying it in the best possible light? Will this instantly engage the attention of potential consumers?

Once you feel ready, gather the valuable name and contact information of your journalist, take a deep breath, and send!

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Claire x

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