Creating content with purpose is vital. Understanding what your readers’ value and what is valuable about you and your business will make create core bits of content much easier.

You can call this the content core, it is arguably the most important element of content marketing. It is about understanding what you do as a business, and what you need to talk about in order to generate traffic and convert these into sales.

Your key message or content core could be visually represented in a venn diagram with two overlapping circles. The circle on the left defines your content topic – what do your customers care about and what are they interested in? The right-hand circle represents the value your business provides. When these merge together to form the bullseye in the centre of the diagram, core content is created – content that is aligned with both your customer’s interests as well as generating demand for your product or service. Understanding this will enable you to plan your content more easily check out my blog about how to create quarterly content plans here.

Remember, it is what your customer cares about, not your audience. Look to those who have already invested in your business, because their interest is indisputable.

So Why is Core Content so Important?

It helps businesses avoid two huge mistakes when it comes to marketing strategy.

1. False Traffic

Analytics are vital to understanding how well a business is functioning on the web, but don’t focus too much on the traffic; focus on the customers this traffic brings.

Often, businesses fall into the trap of creating content their audience cares about, but then wondering why this never converts into sales. Increasing traffic is not always a good sign – only if it is working proportionally with revenue growth.

Why You Need a Strong Message in your Content Marketing

2. Disconnected Content

The whole point of a business is to increase the number of customers, right? But every so often businesses do get stuck in their own ways, creating content simply for themselves.

The truth is, content is useless if your target audience aren’t connecting with it in the way that you want them to. To generate traffic, it must provide value.

The key to core content is a two-way street: helping the customer whilst helping the business. This means that businesses that fall into the first mistake might have to work harder at integrating CTA’s to increase converted traffic, or those struggling with the second mistake may have to let their predictions go and focus on results.

Ultimately, core content is about understanding your target audience to the greatest degree – listening to their comments, their feedback, the way they talk about their problems. It is about absorbing this information and churning it out with recognition and valuable solutions.

So, next time you go to publish content, ask yourself: does this fit into my content core?

And if it doesn’t, try again!

See where the results take you.

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