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It’s great to be ahead of the curve when you are doing your social media by scheduling daily posts but you also need to do organic posts to jump on trending ideas and stories and to create real-time conversations with potential customers.

Remember social media is social you should be spending just as much time on other people’s accounts as you spend on your own! Ask questions, comment, and engage with your ideal customers.

Here are ten daily content ideas to keep the creative juices flowing

  1. Curation – pull together your ten favourite blogs, podcasts, resources you use daily.
  2. Group brainstorming. Ask friends, colleagues, peers online and offline what they are interested in hearing about. What are people talking about in your world?
  3. Ask your audience what they need help with. What they are struggling with right now.
  4. Interview someone – either with a Q&A for a blog, on Facebook live, Zoom or for a podcast.
  5. Look out for guest bloggers – experts who want more exposure who provide interesting copy for your site. Make sure they aren’t a direct competitor.
  6. Use case studies – share stories of how you have helped people. Share testimonials from your clients.
  7. Share the lessons you have learnt running your business, the good and the bad!
  8. Re-share content that has already had a good response. There will always be different eyes on your content depending on what time of day you share it.
  9. Tell a personal story – inject your personality into what you do, engage with people.
  10. Repurpose – make a blog an infographic. Or a listicle a video.

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