With lockdown part 2 here in England, many of us business owners and entrepreneurs are starting to feel tired, overwhelmed and not sure how to best create content. The constant uncertainty coupled with changes to customer behaviour (and spending) means we need to revisit our content plans… AGAIN.

The type of content we would usually be generating in the run up to Christmas may not sit right in the current climate. It is those stepping forward and staying relevant that are flourishing!

So, what now? Here are my top tips for how to best approach your content planning today:

1. Revisit your existing content plan

revisit your content plan

You might need to keep your plan short-term and flexible. Review everything you already planned/ created – you can use what is still relevant and make tweaks where you need to. A simple edit to the subject line of an email or the opening paragraph to a blog can make a big difference to engagement. Look at developing a hot lead magnet to bring more people on to your mailing list now, this will certainly pay off later.


2. Creativity thrives in challenging times

creative content

Share your evolving journey with your audience, tell them how you are changing your services to continue to serve them. Storytellers are needed now more than ever before.


3. Tell your audience you’re still open for business

open for business sign

Now is a great time to shout about why you love being an independent business and tell them exactly HOW they can support you. This does not have to be about spending money – it could be asking for testimonials and reviews or social media likes and shares.  Crisis can bring out the best in humanity and people are willing to help and support you where they can.


4. Repurpose to create content

repurpose content

If restrictions mean you can’t work in the same way as usual, this is a perfect opportunity to invest some time and effort in improving content you already have. Go back through old content to update and re-optimise. The chances are you have lots of older blogs and email newsletters that have been long forgotten by your audience but are still massively valuable!

Read my previous blog 10 Ways to Repurpose Your Content here.

5. Look at what you can control

go for a walk

Remember that this situation is temporary. The important thing now is to stay positive and keep your content marketing efforts going, even if that means making adjustments to your strategy to ensure you’re providing value to your audience.

It’s equally important to look after yourself. Take time to go out for a walk, exercise, journal, whatever gives you time to think and be creative. Anyone that knows me knows how much I love walking for creativity!

What now?

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