Are you having a content panic? Many businesses feel overwhelmed by the amount of the content they have to produce.

9 top tips on how to create content that works

1. What is your goal for the content marketing? Don’t just make content for content’s sake. It should have a purpose. Who are you trying to reach?

2. Know your audience. Who are you targeting? What is the problem you are going to solve for your readers?

3. What formats are you going to use? Video, blogs, social media posts, or stories.

4. What channels will you share it on? Think about which social platforms your ideal customers will be on.

5. Do a content audit. What have you created that you could reuse? If you had done a popular blog post could it also be a Facebook Live using the same topic. You can then repurpose the live as a video on your Youtube channel or Facebook page. You could also break down a blog into daily top tips for social media. We also have a great blog with more content ideas that you can check out.

6. Brainstorm blog ideas. Ask your social media channels what their challenges are right now? Ask what they need help with?

7. Plan your content. We use an Excel spreadsheet in Googledocs, so we know when and where our content is shared. We can also track its reach and success this way too.

8. Share other people’s content. Sites like Feedly and Buzzsumo are great to source popular content when you are short on time.

9. Be authentic and engaging. Remember your purpose!

The types of content you should be using are:

Core. A big idea, a new study, thought leadership, freebie or white paper. This can be your evergreen (this stays up all year round) content that you can update.

Confirmation. Blogs, social media that back up your core articles, blogs and posts.

Constant. Daily posts, behind the scenes, tips and ideas. That remind people about the core and confirmation features.

Curated. Share other peoples ideas, tips and blogs. Jump on trending stories and news.

Other resources you can use:

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