Have you added up all the time you spend on researching, writing and editing blog content?

You’ve likely racked up more hours than you think…

Getting clever with your content ensures that you save time, and repurposing is one of the most effective ways of doing this. Repurposing blog content is one of the best decisions you can make for your digital strategy. Not only does it encourage you to save time, but it also expands your audience reach, increasing brand exposure and growing your business.

But where should you start?

Focus On The Content People Like

Content blog

It may be stating the obvious… But if your summertime blog post from last year racked up all-time top engagement, why wouldn’t you reap the benefits again?

Repurposing content is all about finding gems amongst already-published content and rewriting it with the same element everyone loves, but with an added twist.

Start by reviewing your blog analytics to find out what posts people are clicking on, staying on and revisiting, and then brainstorm how you can take it up another level. For more tips on repurposing, you can read my blog here.


Make Your Content Evergreen

Evergreen content

You’ve likely heard the phrase “evergreen” thrown around in the world of marketing, but it’s more than just a loyal tree sitting in your garden – it’s content that is similarly alive and relevant all year round!

Evergreen content is perfect as back-up content, but it’s also brilliant repurposing material, since no matter what day, month or year, it’s relevant and well-received. So, start brainstorming those popular, evergreen topics! Topics like the ultimate guide to blogging tools work really well as you can add and update new software and apps every year.


Republish In A Different Format

Repurposing blogs into other bits of content is a great way to make your content work harder for you. For example, all the blogs I write are the basis of my podcast episodes in my podcast Cracking Content

If you have a successfully performing blog, consider repurpose it into a different format, such as a webinar, video or downloadable guide, or even on another platform, such as Instagram, YouTube or a podcast. 

We also create tips and social posts out of all the blogs I write to ensure that the messaging on our social channels matches the core content we create.

In a digital age full of communication platforms, there are endless opportunities for sharing your work, and you can have fun being creative with it.

Repurposing content is all about figuring out what works for you long-term. Trial a few different posts and platforms and review the progress. 

Questions to ask:

Is your content just as well received the second time around?

Which format of the content worked better? Blog post or video? eBook or webinar?

Is it saving you valuable time that you can spend on other important areas of your business?

Think about these questions as you go along, and let the data guide you! Repurposing content will eventually become second nature – just give it time and dedicated effort. 


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