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I can help you make your words come alive in print, online and on social media.

When it comes to content it always starts with words. Whether you blog, vlog or post on social media you have to get your content to connect with your readers and viewers. Get the words right and the rest will follow. By connecting with your ideal customers and creating more conversations you will make more sales. If you connect with the media and influencers you will reach a wider audience and make more money.

Content That Converts Mastermind


Join this simple, step-by-step 90 day course to create content that converts customers. Find out more here.


The Cracking Content Club 


Join this exclusive monthly membership to help you grow your audience and make more sales. Learn how to crack content for an affordable price of £27 a month.  Find out more here. You can also upgrade to the VIP package which includes weekly group coaching for £97 a month.



1:1 Training

I offer 1:1 training to help you write for your businesses so you can reach more customers and make more sales.

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Are you suffering from content overwhelm?

Is writing at the bottom of your to-do list?

Get clever with content & reach more customers.

Sign up to:

  • Learn how to create copy for your business that converts
  • Get conversations started that will lead to conversions, and ultimately more sales for your business
  • Get your message right from the start and create a 12-month Content Plan

Cost: 4-hours of intensive coaching via Skype or in person is £499.

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Do you want to reach a wider audience?

Do you want to be considered an expert?

Get a yes from the press and make more sales

Sign up to:

  • Build a PR Plan of attack with a 12- month PR Plan
  • Research who to contact in the press and prepare a press pack
  • Create a press release template and print-ready content that will get a yes from the press

Cost: 4-hours of intensive coaching via Skype or in person is £499.

Need Specific help?

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Lead Magnets

Do you want to boost your email list and get more signups for your newsletter?

Have a power session on creating Lead Magnets. 90 mins £99.

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Blogging for Business

Do you want to boost web traffic to your website?

Join me for a 90-minute power session on bossing blogging for your business. 90-mins £99.

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Sales and Landing Page Reviews

Do you want to convert more sales?

Join me for an intense session on writing copy that converts for your sales and landing pages. 90 mins £99.

How to Write a Press Release

Do you want to get more eyes on your business?

Have a 90-minute power session on writing a Press Release for your business. 90-mins £99.

PR & Marketing

Do you need a press release or help with social media? Our team can help plan a marketing/PR campaign from start to finish, or we can help with just content. Need a blog schedule? Want ideas for press releases that will make a real impact, case studies that will engage a news organisation or copy for a new website?


Our team can lovingly craft unique, compelling content for business and corporate clients. We have written content for Tetley, Talkmobile, corporate leadership trainers, an estate agent, health clinics, independent schools, Ascot Racecourse and many small businesses too.

We can write content for: websites, social media, brochures, blogs, press releases, and newsletters.


Get in touch if you would like a feature for print or online. I regularly write features for Families magazines, who have 41 regional magazines across the country with a total circulation of 600,000 that reaches 9 million parents a year. I have also written copy for Families online and Emma’s Diary. I specialise in health, food, parenting features, and travel reviews.


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