Are you looking forward to a well-earned rest or holiday this summer? Here are some content tips to keep you going until September.

  1. Batch Content. Dedicate a day to creating content and a day to scheduling it for the upcoming summer weeks or when you are away.
  2. Repurpose content. Repost blogs you have written earlier in the year. Is there something that did really well in February? Re-share it! Break down blog posts and share them as daily tips. Boom ten social media posts done! You could also put high performing bits of content in your summer e-newsletters or start a ‘best of’ series so you can share your best blog posts across all your social platforms.
  3. Jump on news stories. News keeps on going all summer long. Remember many people will be away viewing your content from their phones. Keep it light and fun.
  4. Tap into existing campaigns. #MondayMotivation, #TuesdayTravel, #ThrowbackThursday are also useful hashtags that you can easily create social media posts around. Use the themes regularly and your crowd will get used to what you are going to share and join in.
  5. Get Personal. Use the more informal summer months as a good opportunity to share behind the scene pictures of your team, customers and products on Instagram and Facebook.
  6. Share-on-the go. Make the most of your mobile device and share posts from your phone while you are out and about.
  7. Celebrate the summer. Use calendar dates, sporting events, and other fun activities to break up your social feeds.
  8. Play games. The summer is for fun, so get playful with your community. You could post a behind the scenes photo and get people to guess the caption and give a prize for the best one. You could do a word game where they have to fill in the blanks. My favourite holiday is…, My favourite ice cream is… Post pictures of different locations and get your crowd to guess where it is.

Keep it light and have some fun with your content and remember to make it short, compelling and easy to read. Think bite-sized chunks. If you have some important news or a product or service to launch, wait until September when people are (finally) back in work mode!

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