Pitching the press may seem scary, but it has never been easier to make contact with journalists and influencers and pitch them a story or feature. If you want to get more eyes on your business and make more sales you need to get media savvy.

Here are some tips on how to get a yes from the press.

1. Do your Research

Firstly think about your ideal customer what publications do they read what media to they read online. What influencers do they follow? Secondly, research the media. Find out as much as you can about the media organisations you are pitching to. What is the name of the journalist that covers your area of expertise? Do they have a newsdesk? What is their publishing schedule? How often do they go to print? What themes do they have? Last but not least, when is their press deadline!?

2. What is your story?

Is your story newsworthy? What are you doing that is unique? Are you launching a new business, product, or service? Do you have an unusual angle?

3. What is your hook?

This is the top line or interesting headline that will grab the reader’s attention. Every good story, feature, and press release should have a really good hook or news angle.

4. Get inside the head of a journalist

Do they feature stories like yours? Do they write long or short features? Do they like real life stories or case studies? Do they like tips and advice?

5. Get to the point

Journalists are time poor and are always working towards the next deadline. Keep your press releases short and snappy; they will contact you if they need more details.

6. Provide good images

Many publications and websites don’t have their picture desk or photographer. Having decent high-resolution images and logos in a Dropbox or Google drive will make it more likely for you to be featured. Don’t clog up their inboxes by sending them large files.

7. Twitter is your friend

Use Twitter to follow the journalists or influencers you want to connect with. The hashtag #journorequest is a great hashtag to search on because it is journalists looking for contributors and commentators for a story or feature. LinkedIn is also a great place to connect with journalists and influencers.

8. Be polite

Don’t bombard journalists with emails and, but be helpful if they contact you. Make sure you have a media pack, press images, and information available for them to use. Do you have a biography, check out my blog about why everyone should have one here.

9. Be consistent

Don’t get depressed if your feature doesn’t get used, it may be used at a later date. If you are helpful, have good ideas and develop relationships with journalists, they will come back to you when they need a quote or opinion about your area of expertise.

10. Focus on your key business messages

What is your mission? How do you help people? What is unique about you? Remember to be resilient, approachable, and passionate, and you will have success with the press.

If you want more tips on how to pitch to the press, check out my Content that Converts Mastermind.

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