Autumn is a busy season, it’s the final quarter of the year and the kids have gone back to school. The weather starts to cool and change and the next public holiday is Christmas. Many people view it like a New Year – a time for new beginnings. Lots of people are making decisions about how to move their business forward and want to invest in coaching and training.

So if you haven’t created a content calendar for the upcoming months start planning now. You can also cover seasonal topics and traditions that are relevant to your business and content that your customers will relate to. Engaging your customers in a timely and relevant way will help you to connect with them and get them to know, like and trust you.

Grab a cuppa and get some inspiration for some autumn content ideas.

1. Awareness Events

There are many awareness events during the autumn months. You can start creating content for the awareness events if they are relevant to your business, such as World Alzheimer’s month, read a book day, democracy day, cupcake week, etc.

2. 23rd September- First Day of Autumn

23rd September is officially the first day of autumn, which is a great time for photography. You can encourage user-generated content by sharing their images using your product or service for the upcoming months. As this is the time when people will start testing their heating systems are ready for the winter and other preparation tasks such as office Christmas parties being put into the dairy, you should focus creating great content related to these preparations.

3. 27th September – World’s Biggest Coffee Morning

The World’s Biggest Coffee Morning is Macmillan’s biggest fundraising event. This is a great opportunity not to sell your products but to showcase the human-side and community spirit of your business. This is not only a great cause but you can also really get involved and be more than just your product or service.

4. Autumn Themed Giveaway

Offer something your business can give away in a social media contest by telling your customers that a winner will be chosen if they like your page, tag a friend, take a photo and post it with a specific hashtag.

5. Support a Charity

If you have a charity that your organisation already supports then post about it and encourage donations from your followers. Communicate to your followers that your business gives back to the community and encourage them to do the same.

6. Use Humour

Who doesn’t like some humour while scrolling through their social newsfeed? Try to induce some humour in the autumn-themed posts on social media platforms.

7. Play with the Colours of autumn in Your Promotional Posts

Add some autumn colours to your promotional posts along with an eye-catching headline to grab the attention of your readers.

Remember, never create content just for the sake of creating it, remember its purpose. What are you trying to achieve? It is highly recommended that you pick and choose your topics and hooks (what will grab people’s attention) carefully according to your products and services. Don’t try to create content that will appeal to everyone as it will appeal to no one. When it comes to content creation relevance is of utmost importance. Quality over quantity is the key to creating meaningful content that will resonate with your ideal customer.

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Photo by Piotr Łaskawski on Unsplash

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