When I work with business owners on my online courses or 1:1 many of them have writer’s block and say I don’t know what to write. The other favourite is why would anyone want to hear about my business?

People are inherently curious and they love to hear stories. Business is no different. We all love a human connection and as an entrepreneur, coach and creative you need to stand out from the crowd. Why should someone buy from you over anyone else? Consistent content that talks to your ideal customer is crucial.

Creating Content that Converts

If you suss out how to write for your business – you are going to save yourself time and money. You won’t spend hours creating content and social media posts that no one reads or comments on. You won’t have to outsource it to someone else because you can write it quickly with joy and authenticity.

You need to write for so many elements of your business from blogs to social media posts to LinkedIn articles to flyers or even a script for a video. Getting clear on your business messages and who you are writing for is vital for success. If you are struggling to tell your story, join my Content that Converts Mastermind.

  • Reach your audience. Write with an authentic, compelling voice so people buy from you.
  • Grab attention. Get noticed by creating interesting content your ideal customers want to read.
  • Write with purpose. Know what your key business messages are and share your passion and knowledge with the world.
  • Save time and money. Learn how to create a content plan that works. No more faffing about online looking for ideas. You will have a huge bank of content ideas mapped out for the year.
  • Get Clever with Content. Learn how to repurpose and use your content in multiple ways.

I’ll help you crack your content and make writing fun again.

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