Sometimes when you are creative and run your own business you can struggle to find the time to create content alongside everything you else you do. Here are some tips to get the creative juices flowing!

Use Video

If writing gives you the fear, shoot a video on a smart phone. Remember everything is content, you could do a behind the scenes video of your workshop or office. Show your audience a new product you have created or started to make. Use video to show them a bit of your working world. How have you helped a client this week? Has someone made massive progress or been delighted with the product you supplied? This form of storytelling can work well for a product or service based business.

Everyone loves a listicle

Ten easy content ideas. Five ways to pitch to the press. You get the idea. You can break down the blogpost and use the advice as individual social media posts – use some of the posts to refer back to the blog or video you posted.

Remember to be useful

Content marketing is helping people, make sure your content has useful nuggets of gold that your readers can use straight away!

Ask your audience

Conduct a poll with your followers and create a blog from it. Crowd source quotes from other businesses for a blog. The more businesses you mention the more social media love you will get – they will share and retweet the article too!

Ask for guest bloggers

Guest blogging is great for their SEO and gives them a whole new audience to talk to. Plus, they get that all important backlink to their website.

Re-share old blog posts

If you aren’t tracking your analytics you need to. Track how well your blogs, videos and social posts are performing. Use Google Analytics to see what content worked well for you. Reuse it – I have a blog about How to Stay Sane Working from Home that we re-share a lot and it still gets a lot of attention.

Stuck for ideas or need a content plan to get you started? Work with me 1:1 to get the content wheels in motion.

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