Words are the foundations of your business and how you use them is important for your success. Whether it is blogs, vlogs or social media posts, it’s the words that you use that will make an impact on your potential customers.

So, where are businesses going wrong?

They try and reach everyone

Entrepreneurs, coaches and creatives sometimes make the mistake that they should be targeting everyone because they want business from everyone. But then they end up writing copy and content that misses the mark with everyone! Knowing who your ideal customer is and what your key business messages are is crucial for getting those all important conversions. Know your niche and stick to it.


Many of the clients I work with are scared of being visible. Showing up and being authentic isn’t always easy. They think they are bothering people if they post multiple times on their social media channels or contact people by email. Chances are they may only see one post and one email. Being consistent with content makes you more visible. The more you do it, the less scary it becomes. The more you show up and the more people that read your blogs and social posts and view your videos, the more likely you are to make sales.

They don’t say what they have for sale

How many times have you gone on a website and not seen how much it costs to work with someone? Imagine if you had an easy coaching package, course or 1:1 session with a price on it. Visitors and interested customers on your site are much more likely to buy from you if they know how much it costs to work with you.

So how do you get the words right?

  • Be authentic. Write from the heart, don’t be spammy and please don’t say you the world’s number one SEO expert if you’re not! People don’t like over-exaggeration. Show people your expertise through the content you create.
  • Use simple language. Keep it simple we live in a content-saturated world. Impactful, short sentences will grab people’s attention. You can also write longer blogs that have longevity, which you can direct someone to when they want to learn more.
  • Remember a hook. This is a technique we use in journalism. Make sure you have an interesting point to base your post, blog or feature on. It generates interest and keeps the reader hooked!
  • Use impactful words. Words like ‘get’, ‘free’, ‘limited’, ‘exclusive’, ‘guaranteed’, ‘best’ and ‘compare’ are used all the time in sales copy because they work. Use them in your sales copy to get more people to take action.
  • Talk in the first person. Writing sales copy using ‘you’ grabs your reader’s attention and makes them feel special.
  • Don’t forget a Call To Action. When you write content make sure you ask your reader or viewer to do something next. It may just be comment below, or follow me on Instagram, by creating a next step you are continuing the conversation with them. They may not be ready to buy yet, but they’ll be following you on your social platforms and will get in touch when they are ready.

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