Your about page on your website and your Facebook page are frequently visited, make sure they are telling the business story you want your customers to read.

1. Tell a story

This is how a small business can distinguish themselves. People enjoy buying from people that they feel a connection with. It is scientifically proven that people connect more with a relatable tale. Tell people the history of your business and why you started it.

2. Don’t stretch the truth

Don’t massage sales figures or achievements; people value authenticity and integrity.

3. Do use pictures and graphics

Visuals are incredibly important for catching someone’s eye. A picture of your first product or shop, your team’s baby pictures, are all great visuals you could use.

4. Don’t use copyrighted images

It’s amazing in 2018 that you still see businesses using images that have a watermark on them (meaning they don’t own the copyright). It is well worth investing in a photographer to take headshots of you and your team but also everyday shots of the business and its products that can be used across your social platforms, like Facebook or Instagram. If you opt to use one of the many fantastic sites that offer free images under the Creative Commons Licence, like Unsplash. It is good form to credit the photographer if you can, so they get more exposure.

5. Do use good statistics

How much can they save? What are your conversion rates? How many of your customers are repeat business?

6. Don’t write War & Peace

Keep it brief; people are time-poor. If you are in any doubt, leave it out. The whole point of your about page is for customers to call you to find out more. Don’t put any barriers in their way.

7. Be yourself

Show a bit of personality; humour can also be fun. It will make you stand out from your competitors and make customers remember you.

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