Are you stuck for words? Some people are brilliantly creative but find writing for their business really tricky. The good news is you can learn to be a better writer. The best way to do this is to practice. Once you get clear on who you are writing for and why you are doing it, the whole process becomes much easier.

If you make writing a regular part of your working week, you will soon see the benefits across your whole business.

Eight reasons why you should brush up your writing skills

1. If you write clearly with your target audience in mind, people will get to know, like and trust what you have to say.

2. By communicating regularly with your customers via a blog and your social channels you connect and create conversations with them, which in turn can lead to sales.

3. You will save time and money by being clear about what you want to write, instead of faffing around on the Internet trying to find content ideas.

4. You will be more productive because you have a content plan to stick to.

5. If you blog regularly, you can position yourself as an expert in your field.

6. Blogging also helps with SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). Blogs can also act as a key bit of content that can be shared and used on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, email newsletters and e-books.

7. You can stand out from the crowd with an authentic voice that will resonate with your customers.

8. You can repurpose the content you have written into a video, social media posts and other types of content.

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You can also join my community Cracking Content for writing and content tips. 

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