Why less is more in effective business writing

When it comes to writing for your business sometimes simple is best. It can have more impact. You literally have seconds to grab someone’s attention away from scrolling their social feeds, mobile device or laptop.

“Writing isn’t about using big words to impress. It’s about using simple words in an impressive way.” – Sierra Bailey

Here are my top tips for writing effective business copy

  1. Ask yourself does your blog or feature have a hook or a top line? Why should we be reading it? You can also read more of my writing tips here.
  2. Is it relevant to your audience? Make sure you have defined who you are writing for.
  3. Does it include your key business messages? You need to think about how you help people with your product or service. How does this align with what you are writing?
  4. Make sure you check your writing. Do you have your main point at the top?
  5. Is it easy to read? Bullet points and subheadings make it easier for your reader to scan the text, especially on a mobile device.
  6. Do you have an attention-grabbing headline? It should also contain keywords that someone would type into Google (this helps with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)).
  7. Read it aloud – it’s often a good way of spotting mistakes.
  8. Get rid of words like very, really, totally and actually.
  9. Get a second pair of eyes to check it or use a grammar checker like Grammarly.
  10. Last but not least does it have a Call To Action (CTA)? Your CTA could be asking for a comment on the blog or feature, to signup to your newsletter or join your free Facebook community.

We are bombarded with content all day long make sure you use your words wisely. Make what you write clear, succinct and easy to read. You want your reader to like, know and trust you, so when the time is right they will buy your goods or services.

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