Six tips on how to write cracking content.

1. Know your audience. Who is your ideal customer? What is their demographic? Where do they hangout online? What social platform do they use? Once you have created a customer avatar, you will know who you are writing for and where you should promote it.

2. Remember the purpose. All too often as business owners we start creating content for the sake of it. We create quotes on Canva or blog posts with our musings on something not relevant. Always remember the purpose of what you are writing. Content marketing is all about answering the problems of your customers. Keep this in mind when you write. What do your customers need help with?

3. Create a hook. I talked in my last post about how humans respond better to a relatable tale. Hook them in with a great headline or a unique angle so you grab their attention.

4. Use language that people understand. Use short, snappy sentences that are easy to read. We live in an attention deficient world. People need to be able to read what you write easily.

5. Be authentic. Write about scenarios and situations that are relevant to your business and daily life. Don’t try and be someone you aren’t.

6. Don’t be afraid. Many people struggle with being visible and having their voices heard. We do want to hear from you and about your business. We want to know what your zone of genius is and how you can help us.

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