If you are having a tough time attracting customers with your content marketing, don’t panic, here are some practical ideas to engage and grow your audience.

1. Plan your content

Practical and useful content that entertains people is more likely to be shared on social media. So, make sure you create helpful content that is aligned with your customers, who will like and share your content.

Though you may not nail a viral content idea every time, sharing content regularly will get you more customers and leads for your online business.

Answer the following questions before producing content ideas:

  • Do you have any trending ideas that your customers would like to know about?
  • Will your content idea spark off an emotional response in your customers?
  • Is your content idea funny?
  • Can you enhance your content with an attention-grabbing image, a video or an infographic?
  • Look at your statistics. What’s the best time of day to publish your content to grab the attention of your readers and get more social media shares?

Remember that content ideas with a contentious, positive or funny angle will do better on digital marketing platforms.

2. Create clickable and shareable headlines

Preparing a powerful headline is crucial to convert readers into buyers. Pay serious attention when creating the headline for your content as you have roughly eight seconds to grab the attention of your readers, before losing them to your competitors.

Make sure your headline is so compelling that the reader wants to know more. A provocative question will always engage your audience quickly.

3. Write in-depth articles

Google loves in-depth articles and some of your very engaged potential customers will too. Here, in-depth means giving careful consideration to all the details of a subject by doing extensive research of your topic and then crafting a long 2000+ word article. Consistently publishing in-depth articles as a part of your content marketing strategy will improve your search ranking and traffic. Don’t forget to include that all important call to action.

4. Write a top ten post

Creating a top ten post or listicle is a popular content marketing strategy. Use this growth hack to enhance your evergreen content ideas. Make sure they are highly useful to your customers and are packed with actionable tips.

5. Make the most of current trends 

Take advantage of current trends by creating rich and valuable posts for your customers. You can get instant traffic to your website if you are among the first few to write about the latest development in your field of expertise.

6. Make sure you test your call to action button

How often have you clicked on a link or button that doesn’t work? Having a call to action is a necessary element that should be present in every article, video and blog post that you publish. Testing your call to action button or link should boost your conversion rate. Make sure the call to action and the size, shape, and colour of your call to action button inspires your customers to do something next!

7. Use testimonials and case studies

This is a great way to use real stories about your business and share social proof that your products and services are valued. Customers who have submitted their stories and testimonials will also love having their story selected and will want to share the content with their friends and family on social media pharmaciepourhomme.fr.

8. Apply the seven emails marketing tactic

Before introducing your paid product or service to your customers, give plenty of value to them over the next seven days. If your potential customers sign up for your email list today, don’t make the mistake of pitching them the next day. Be patient because efficient marketing is never done in haste.

The reason that your customers opt to sign up to your email list is that they believe you’ll inform, educate and/or entertain them and help them to reach a personal or professional goal.

9. Curate viral content 

Compile some of your best content or content written about a subject your readers will love and make it easily accessible in a single web page or blog post.

10. Be consistent

Last but not least, be consistent. Being visible in your business takes work but reaps rewards. If your customers are used to receiving a weekly newsletter make sure they receive one. If they are used to you going live and sharing video continue to share it. By being consistent you will gain a loyal audience of potential customers who will share and like your content and buy from you when the time is right.

If you need help coming up with a content plan or creating consistent content that converts, you can sign up to my Content that Converts Mastermind that starts in October.


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