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Are you ready to show up in your business?

When I work with clients, they often say they don’t have time to write content for their business, and they also have massive resistance around creating video or showing up on Facebook live.

Most people are scared to be visible, and it is, of course, a perfectly natural physiological response to have.  But when you are a small enterprise, entrepreneur, or solopreneur you need to be the face of your business so you can use your content to create conversations with people. This is turn creates connections that will hopefully lead to them buying from you.

People are often attracted to brands where they get a sense of the real person and the journey behind them. Breaking through this barrier is the key to success with your content marketing.

Your business story is important. People are interested in what you have to say. It is scientifically proven that people respond to a relatable tale, so weaving stories into your content plan is crucial. 

5 tips to overcome the fear of being visible

1. Work on your mindset

Approaching the content you create and the business you run with positivity will make all the difference. Resist the temptation to think negatively about your talents or your business. If imposter syndrome keeps on rearing its ugly head, think about investing in a coach who can help you overcome the negative self-talk.

2. Ask yourself, ‘What is the worst thing that could happen?’

What is the worst thing that could happen if you shared a video, blog, social media post, or went live on your Facebook page? If someone doesn’t like your content, they can scroll on by.

3. Face your fear

When it comes to video, take a deep breath and do it anyway. The more you do it, the easier it becomes. If you do a Facebook live and don’t like it – you can delete it. If you are scared to go live, do a pre-recorded video and upload it to your Facebook page or LinkedIn feed or IGTV.

4. Have a plan

When you know what you are doing with your content, it makes creating it so much easier. Know what your key business messages are and map out what your four main themes are. Remember to start with what your customer desires and how you will help them to get there. Weave your key business messages into all the content you create. For more content planning tips check out my blog: Creating and planning content for your business.

5. Decide what format your content will take

Is it a blog, vlog or social media post? Remember to ask yourself, does this serve my business, and is it helping the people I want to work with?

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